About Us

Naming our brand was easy. It was not created out of a complex marketing strategy or through a series of focus groups. It was simply the collective natural outflow of how we feel after having participated in the organic and natural foods industry since 1982. Very simply, in our business we are always most grateful for the harvest. It is not something that we ever take for granted, nor do we underestimate its affect and impact on our lives. Very few things in life can match both the magic and mystery that occur between a farmer and their land. It is this magic and this mystery that we celebrate daily at Albert’s Organics, for we are indeed Grateful for the Harvest.

The Grateful Harvest brand was established to give the consumer a sense of confidence and trust in their selections as they shop for organic foods. The brand draws from our cumulative knowledge, experience, and relationship building through participation in the organic industry since 1982. The Grateful Harvest brand takes the best crops from the finest organic growers and puts them all under one label for the shopping convenience of your customers.

In addition to fresh organic produce, the Grateful Harvest brand features a superb array of organic and natural fresh foods. We travel the country looking for food artisans, growers and manufacturers that provide the finest in organic and natural fresh foods. We work with many of the premiere organic growers in the country. We also place a premium on working with the exceptional growers and food artisans that are local and regional to our 6 distribution centers. Grateful Harvest is currently working with organic growers who have set aside a total of over 100,000 acres of organic farmland to grow exclusively for the Grateful Harvest brand.